Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research

: 2010  |  Volume : 1  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 367-

'Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research'

Upendra Nagaich 
 Editor, Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research (JAPTR), Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, 22-C, Jawahar Colony, Gwalior - 474001, M.P, India

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Upendra Nagaich
Editor, Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research (JAPTR), Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, 22-C, Jawahar Colony, Gwalior - 474001, M.P

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Dear all,

Thought is a process which spontaneously finds its level. With my incessant thought process, the idea came to my mind to publish this journal first on electronic media but the continuities of my thinking instilled in me a will power to materialize my dream and that was to publish the soft copy of my journal in print media. Now, it gives me great pleasure to hand over the hard copy of this journal "Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research" (JAPTR) to you.

It is by the grace of Almighty that I succeeded in my efforts though it was an arduous task. Everybody knows the complication of human anatomy, and in our contemporary society, the uses of medicine and medicinal objects are increasing leaps and bounds. So, the contemporary relevance of pharmaceutical usages and suggestions, and therein medicinal use and their application to human health, cannot be minimized. The editor is aware of all these emerging complications related to the physical debilities and the situational and contextual realities and the well-being of humanity enlarge. Right from the beginning of this journal, the editor tried his level best to offer you the topics that contribute significantly to further the scientific knowledge related to the field of Pharmacy.

The issue of the journal in your hands brings into being the collection of papers on contemporary topics, viz., pharmacogenetics, niosome, anti counterfeit packaging technologies, studies against the enteric pathogens, and parameter measuring powder compressibility. It gives me pleasure to express my indebtedness to authors for their valuable contributions and look forward to create opportunities so that I can serve you in the future with the same sprit.

The academic decisions to be expanded are included in this issue and they are also subjected to further changes. I wait for your judgment after reading the print copy of this journal. The editor is always ready to include any academic advice in the content of this journal.

In the series of analysis of various factors, I would also like to acknowledge my indebtedness to all the contributors who willingly contributed to the contents of this journal and supported me in continuing this herculean task.

Man is not an island but an entity of society. Without the co-operation and help of the scholars, contributors and the reviewers who are associated with this journal, the publication of this journal would not have been possible.

For any journal, the work of a reviewer becomes a backbone because it is through their advice, suggestions, modifications and thought process that the journal and its contents take a shape into a format. Thus, I would like to thank the reviewer/referees who helped me wholeheartedly in the publication of this journal.

On such an occasion, I am abundantly pleased to see my efforts in my hand and to the best of my thinking. I would like to assure you that this journal will scale new heights in days to come.

The only thing that I desire to have from you is your blessings, your cordial love and co-operation in this academic pursuit.

Let us have the things together, let us work together, and let us enjoy together the things to come.

With thanks and warm regards.